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Creative Nonfiction Writing 2

Resources for Kathleen Finneran's Anthology Assignment.


WorldCat  is a world-wide catalog of books.  It's possible to request books from other libraries (beyond Mobius libraries) through WorldCat.  WorldCat functions in the same way as the WU catalog; you may search by keyword or subject.

Just as with the WU catalog, the subject headings are listed as links at the bottom of the record.  I highly recommend exploring WorldCat to see what other sources are out there.

We have access to two WorldCat interfaces.  One is free, one is subscription.  I prefer the subscription version.  Links are below:

New Books

  • Browse the new book shelves
  • Set up alerts from the catalog

"Best American..." Series

Doing a title search for "best american" will yield the books we hold in this series.

MOBIUS Catalog

Search and request books from other Missouri libraries.  (Mostly academic libraries)

MOBIUS Catalog

Another Way to Use Keywords and Subject Headings

There is another way to use keywords and subject headings together in a search:

  • Click on the Advanced Search option in the WU Catalog.
  • Change the dropdown to "subject" and type your known subject words into the search box(es)
  • Add in relevant keywords in the other search box(es)


Subject= American Prose Literature

Keyword= Television