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Japan 445 Japanese Fiction: Images of Demonic Women

Japan Knowledge

JapanKnowledge Lib (Available for WUSTL on-campus and proxy login users)

Cross-search major Japanese encyclopedias and dictionaries including:

日本大百科全書 (ニッポニカ), デジタル大辞泉, 数え方の辞典, 情報・知識 imidas, 現代用語の基礎知識,
JK Who's Who, 日本人名大辞典, 会社四季報,
プログレッシブ英和中辞典, ランダムハウス英和大辞典, プログレッシブ和英中辞典, Web版・最新英語情報辞典,
Encyclopedia of Japan, COBUILD英英辞典, CAMBRIDGE英英辞典,
Database specific pages for:

The following are part of the JapanKnowledge package, but available as standalone databases. We share one (1) simultaneous access with 10 other universities for those. If your login fails, please check back at a later time. Also, as a courtesy to users in other institutions, please log off by clicking the "logout" button on the top right corner when you are done. 

Kokushi Daijiten (国史大辞典): The dictionary of Japanese history
Nihon Rekishi Chimei Taikei (日本歴史地名大系): The dictionary of Japanese historical place names




Kenkyusha's new Japanese-English dictionary = 硏究社新和英大辞典
EAsia Reference PL679 .K4 2003

New Nelson Japanese-English character dictionary
EAsia Reference PL679 .N4 1997


Japanese Dictionaries

Kōjien / Shinmura Izuru hen  = 広辞苑
EAsia Reference PL675 .S5 1998

  Nihon kokugo daijiten  = 日本国語大辞典    

EAsia Reference PL675 .N46 2000


Kanji Dictionraries

Dai Kan-Wa jiten=大漢和辞典
EAsia Reference PL1425 M6



Literature References