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New Graduate Students in Comparative Literature and Germanic Studies

a Guide to introduce Graduate Students in Germanic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature to the WU Libraries

Tips for Searching in Foreign Languages

  • Umlauts and other diacritics are not needed.


  • Change ß to "ss".


  • Skip initial articles (e.g. eine, un, the). Das rote Buch should be searched for as "rote buch".

  • Use the Classic Catalog when searching with Chinese, Arabic, and other non-Roman scripts.

Finding Books, DVDs, and more

To find and get books, DVDs, CDs, and other formats:

What is the difference between the WU Catalog and Primo?

  1. Search the WU Catalog or Primo (in beta) first.
  2. If a book is not available at WU, search the MOBIUS Catalog.

    What is MOBIUS and when will I get the book?

  3. If the item is not available at WU or MOBIUS, look in WorldCat (FirstSearch) or

    What is WorldCat and how do I request the item I need?

Search the WU Catalog

Search for books using Washington University Libraries' Catalog.

Advanced Search

Finding Out about New Books at WU

Brian maintains monthly lists of new books for German and Comparative Literature. But this is only a selection of new acquistions. For additional titles, consult the WU Catalog or ask Brian.