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New Graduate Students in Comparative Literature and Germanic Studies

a Guide to introduce Graduate Students in Germanic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature to the WU Libraries

Tips for Searching in Foreign Languages

  • Umlauts and other diacritics are not needed.


  • Change ß to "ss".


  • Skip initial articles (e.g. eine, un, the). Das rote Buch should be searched for as "rote buch".

  • Use the Classic Catalog when searching with Chinese, Arabic, and other non-Roman scripts.

Finding Books, DVDs, and more

To find and get books, DVDs, CDs, and other formats:

What is the difference between the WU Catalog and Primo?

  1. Search the WU Catalog or Primo (in beta) first.
  2. If a book is not available at WU, search the MOBIUS Catalog.

    What is MOBIUS and when will I get the book?

  3. If the item is not available at WU or MOBIUS, look in WorldCat (FirstSearch) or

    What is WorldCat and how do I request the item I need?

Search the WU Catalog

Search for books using Washington University Libraries' Catalog.

Advanced Search

Finding Out about New Books at WU