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Guide to LUNA Images from the Modern Graphic History Library


Accessing LUNA Accounts

Washington University students, faculty, and staff: Use your WUSTL key username and password to log into the Luna interface.

Users outside Washington University:
Contact Skye Lacerte to request a password to log into Luna.

To access Washington University LUNA collections:

  • Click the following link:
  • Select the Modern Graphic History Library collection from the menu on the left, or search for images using the search box in the upper right hand corner.


Searching the Modern Graphic History Library Collection

Under Advance Settings, select Modern Graphic History Library to limit your search.

The following is a guide to the fields you can use to search the collection:



Creator Name The name of the illustrator.
Title   The title of the story in the magazine in which the illustration appeared.  If the title is unknown, this field will contain a description of the image.    
Title Note   The name of the company if the illustration appeared in an advertisement.
Work Type "Fictional Illustration" or "Cover" or "Advertisment", etc.
Object Repository Note The name of the archival collection and its location.
Object Creator Name The name of the publication in which the illustration appeared.  (Ladies Home Journal, Sports Illustrated, etc.)
Object Creator Dates  The date of the publication.




Printing LUNA Images

To Print a single Thumbnail Image,

  • select the image by clicking on it
  • from the left side menu, choose Print
  • select Print image data or Print thumbnails

To Print a Larger individual image,

  • double-click the image to enter the Image Workspace
  • select the Print icon

To Print an Image Group,

  • open your group, from the left side menu, choose Print
  • select Print image data or Print thumbnails


Downloading Luna Images

To Download Individual Images or Image Groups from a LUNA collection,

  • select an Image or Image Group by clicking on it
  • go to file, export selected
  • choose a file resolution (from 96 pixels to 1536 pixels)
  • choose file destination (my documents, my pictures, etc)
  • re-name image files, either individually or by specifying a data field such as title or date
  • an accompanying xml data file will be downloaded along with each jpeg

NOTE: Users of the collections who wish to use items from this collection, in whole or in part, in any form of publication (as defined in the form) must sign and submit to the Washington University Department of Special Collections a hard copy of the Notification of intent publish Modern Graphic History Library collection materials form. All publication not covered by fair use restricted to those who have permission of the copyright holder.