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English - Senior Honors Seminar - Batten

When looking for a specific journal, search its title in the WU Classic Catalog.

Can't find it?  Try the tricks below

  • Shorten the title of the journal  (sometimes the title of record may be different from what you have)
  • Change search type to just "title" or "word"
  • Check to see if it is a title that exists in MOBIUS

What Volumes Does WU Have?

Read the journal's catalog record closely to see if WU has the volume/issue you need.  Look at the examples below:

The Wordsworth Circle

Blake:  An Illustrated Quarterly

Be sure to distinguish between "Pub. History" and "Lib. Has."  Remember to click the "View Additional Copies" button if you don't see the volume you need even though the "Lib. Has" indicates we should have it.

Subject Browsing for Journal Titles

Using the Catalog, it's possible to see what journals we have in particular subject areas.  

English literature -- History and criticism – Periodicals

American literature -- History and criticism – Periodicals


Finding Open Access Journals

Open Access publications are available subscription-free.  Some are more reputable than others, and some are even peer-reviewed.  Open Access publications reduce barriers for accessing information, thus allowing a less restricted distribution of research.