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Japanese Historical Fiction and the Question of Historical Narrative

How to find full-text articles ?

Did not get access to full-text articles through the index/databases? Wash U may have the journal in print or electronic. 

1. Find out the article information (journal/magazine title, year of publication, volume, article title, page, etc) using the index/databases.

2. Look up the journal/magazine title (use the search boxes bellow).

Search for print journals:


Search for Electronic Journals:


3. If you find the journal at Wash U, congrats!! If not, don't worry! you can request it through ArticleReach Direct (sometimes Google Scholar offers free access to full-text articles too)

Articles in ENGLISH

1. Choose a database sets from the pull-down box
2. Type in your search word
3. Click "Go"

Articles in JAPANESE (One Search)

One Search. Different Databases.

Articles in JAPANESE (Individual Search)

Currently received Japanese journals