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Zotero & ZoteroBib

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Zotero - Choose Your Own Adventure!


We hope your questions and needs will guide the content of today's workshop, "Zotero - Choose Your Own Adventure." Below, we have listed a few useful Zotero topics just in case you don't have any specific Zotero concerns or problems : )


Possible topics:

1. Cite while you write

2. Group Libraries

  • Create
  • Group types
  • 'Added by' column (web library)!

3. Organizing options

  • Tags; color-code
  • Sort columns

4. Manage your Space - Tips

  • How to check storage space
  • Remove duplicates
  • Empy trash
  • Preferences > General > UNCHECK: Automatically attach PDFs
  • Preferences > Advanced > General:  Add Open URL to use WashU access, instead of saving PDFs in Zotero
    • Choose correct geographic region-->then find "Washington University in St. Louis" from options listed. 
    • the Open URL field will auto-populate with correct URL for WashU

5. Participant Questions

  • Language Support 
  • To add a book chapter:
    1. On the saved book, right click the item in the center pane
    2. Select 'Create Book Section'
    3. The new Book Section template will open. 
    4. Add your chapter title ('Title') and author(s). Note: the book title will now display in the 'Book Title' field.
  • Forgot which folder item is in? Mac: option (hold); Windows: Ctrl

Document for Bibliography Activity


This Research Guide provides links, explanations, and images to assist with your ongoing Zotero endeavors.

In addition, these help pages from Zotero's website are fantastic!

Today's Hosts

Jenny Akins, Subject Librarian Art & Architecture

Kris Helbling, English & American Literature Subject Librarian