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eBooks/Online Book Collections

A guide on how to find and use ebooks in your research. How to work with various ebook platforms: reading, printing, and downloading on your computer or an ereading device.


How much material can I print, download, or copy  from Cambridge Collections Online (CCO)?

  • You may print, download or copy one chapter or up to 5% of the pages from each CCO title, whichever is the greater, unless stated otherwise in the terms of use.

What format does the text display in?

  • In pdf within a web page or as a pdf within Acrobat.

What citation format is used in the CCO?

  • The MLA format. However, you can email a citation to yourself in RIS, text, or CSV formats.

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What is Cambridge Collections Online?

Cambridge Companions are lively, accessible introductions to major writers, artists, philosophers, topics and periods. All are collections of specially commissioned essays, shaped and introduced to appeal to student readers. --Cambridge University Press description

The Cambridge Companions Complete Collection

The Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics

The Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture

The Cambridge Companions to Music

Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan

Searching Tips

Quick Searching - is the yellow bar available from all pages in the CCO and lets you keyword search across collections

  • Collections - search all or just selected ones.
  • Shakespeare Survey - WU does NOT own this ebook collection, but we do own the print collection. Search the ebook collection and then go back to the WU Catalog to find the print title in Olin Library, Level A, PR 2888 C.3

Advanced Searching - allows you to use a combination of terms and search fields

  • or = find one or both terms in the results  (author or editor)
  • and = both terms must be present somewhere in the results (feminism and united states)
  • " " = keep these terms together as a phrase (african-american theater)
  • not = all results with this term but not this one (freud not sigmund)