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eBooks/Online Book Collections

A guide on how to find and use ebooks in your research including instructions on EBL and other ebook platforms. How to find a variety of ebooks and how to read them on your computer and/or download them to an ereading device.

Ebook Standards and Principles

Macalester College Library Ebook Rights Advocacy Statement 

Oberlin Group Statement on Ebooks & Libraries    

Both documents talk about how restrictions on ebooks are detrimental to libraries, our patrons, and the larger community.  The principles and standards are almost identical; both versions sum up what many of the issues and problems are when using ebooks in academic libraries.

Occam's Reader, a software developed to allow for interlibrary loan of ebooks, addresses digital rights management issues - a  main concern of the standards mentioned above. Washington University Libraries are taking part in a pilot project involving Occam's Reader and the well-known publisher, Springer, to provide interlibrary lending of any Springer title owned by the libraries in a participating consortium.