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Finding an article listed in a bibliography

Reading the bibliographies of a good article or book can be very helpful.  But how do you find an article or book listed? 

 For an article citation

Morrow, P. ‘‘Those Sick Challenger Jokes.’’ Journal of Popular Culture
20.4 (1987): 175-84.

  • look up the title of the journal in the WU catalog
  • note:  look up the journal title, not the article title (article title= in quotes)
  • if the journal is available electronically, click the "WUSTL full text" link
  • if the journal is available in print, read the holdings in the record to see if we have the volume/issue you need

Hint:  you know it's an article if volume/issue/page #s are in the citation


For a book citation-- Framing Monsters: Fantasy Film and Social Alienation; Bellin, Joshua David; 2005, Carbondale : Southern Illinois UP.

  • look up the title of the book in the WU catalog
  • if we don't have it, click on the Mobius link/button to transfer your search out to other academic libraries in Missouri

Hint:  you know it's a book if the publisher/press is in the citation