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Videos/Tutorials - Step-by-Step

This guide provides guidelines and hints to make a video or tutorial for WUSTL libraries. This guide may be helpful to other interested in V/T making. Feel free to leave your feedback!

Plan/Things to Consider


  • Who is the intended audience
  • What do you want to impart
    • quick overview
    • show a procedure
    • answer a specific quesiton
    • teach a skill
    • promotional
  • How does it fit into larger learning context
  • How will you assess the learning

Technical details

  • Is it interactive
  • The approximate length and number of screencasts or shots
  • Sound
  • A script or storyboard
  • Format of the final product
  • Where it will live after it's made
  • Is it free-standing or part of other learning tool

Creating a Storyboard