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First-year Seminar: James Bond in Film, Literature and Popular Culture

Film & Media 118 - Prof. C. Burnett


--Want an article WU does not have immediate access to?  Ask Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for help!  

--To begin a request, login to your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) account and heed the tips below : )

Tips from the ILL Crew

These tips will help you when submitting ILL requests for this assignment:

  1. When students submit requests they need to NOT fill out the ISSN and OCLC # fields.  They can put those numbers in the notes if they want.  If either of those numbers are in the fields labeled ISSN or OCLC #, it will go through our automated processes and will not have the notes about needing it to be scanned from print or microfilm.
  2. Speaking of, students need to put in notes that they need it to be scanned from print or microfilm- especially for recent ones.  If I recall correctly we had several full text reviews that were in the Factiva or Nexis Uni databases, which only includes the text (no images and no layout).
  3. If they get something that is not in the right format, they need to email us (not just submit a new request).  Most pdfs are delivered without staff ever seeing them so we wouldn’t know that there was a problem unless you tell us.
  4. For older publications, or for alternative press or small press serials, they need to put in the request as soon as possible since they can take a while to get a lender.