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Introduction to Anthropological Genetics - U69 Anthro 280

This course examines the intersection of genetics and anthropology. This research guide will help you navigate resources in this field.

Course Description

Instructor: Jessica Joganic

This course examines the intersection of genetics and anthropology. We will learn basic principles of molecular evolutionary analysis and population genetics that apply to the study of humans and other primates, and study how genetic data can supplement the archaeological, linguistic, cultural, paleoanthropological, and comparative primate research of traditional anthropology. Additionally, we will survey methods of measuring and drawing inferences from human genetic variation; theories of modern human origins and peopling of the world; and recent advances in understanding the genetic underpinnings for human disease.

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Jennifer Moore, Anthropology

Ruth Lewis, Biology, Math, History of Science


Physical Anthropology @ WU "Research strengths in physical anthropology include primate ecology and conservation; primate evolution; biomechanics and energetics; human evolution and diversity; and the study of early modern humans."  Description copied from the departmental website:  Description from the departmental website