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Advertisements at the Modern Graphic History Library

A guide to finding advertisements in the MGHL collections

Introduction to Ads at MGHL

The Modern Graphic History Library’s collections contain advertisements for a variety of companies and products from the late 1800s through mid-20th century.

Subjects include: food and drink, beauty and cosmetics, health and hygiene, children and domestic life, transportation, fashion and clothing, furniture and interior decorating, tobacco products, household items and appliances, just to name a few. You also will find ads related to World War I and World War II.

This guide provides information about the advertisements within MGHL collections and how to find them, as well as suggestions of other helpful resources.

Ads from the Collection

Ad from McCalls, October 1929, illustrator unknown

From the Periodicals Collections

Ads from the Collection

Ad for Kellogg's Pep vitamins from Colliers, September 3, 1943, illustrator unknown

From the Charles Craver Collection

Ads from the Collection


Al Parker ad for American Airlines, May 1951

From the Al Parker Collection