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Race, Ethnicity, and Identity at the Modern Graphic History Library

A guide to race and ethnicity resources at MGHL

Charles Craver Collection

The Charles Craver Collection contains hundreds of tear sheets (a page removed from a magazine) of illustrated fiction, nonfiction, and advertisements from the 1930s to the 1950s, many of which deal with race and ethnicity. Because the tear sheets are from a wide variety of magazines and artists, there is a great diversity in style and subject matter in this collection.

For more information, see the Charles Craver Collection finding aid. Because the finding aid details only a small portion of the collection's contents, this particular collection is best viewed in person. You can, however, view some of the tear sheets in this collection in LUNA.

Researchers interested in mid-century depictions of race and ethnicity should consult the following illustrators in the Craver Collection:

  • Elmore Brown
  • Mario Ruben Cooper
  • Steven Dohanos
  • John Gannum
  • William Meade Prince
  • Mead Schaeffer
  • Harold von Schmidt
  • Herbert Morton Stoops

From the MGHL Collections

Illustration by Mario Cooper

Illustration by Fred Mizen

Illustration by C.C. Beall

All images from the Charles Craver Collection