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Race, Ethnicity, and Identity at the Modern Graphic History Library

A guide to race and ethnicity resources at MGHL

Robert Weaver Collection

Robert Weaver was one of the most innovative and influential illustrators of the mid-20th century, pioneering a new approach to illustration during the 1950's and 1960's. Eschewing the idealized, romanticized magazine illustration style of the 1950's, Weaver strove to depict the world around him realisitically and as he saw it: messy, complicated, and often unsettling. Bringing a fine art approach to illustration, he did not simply record life, but provided a socially-engaged point of view -- an approach later named "visual journalism." Instead of working from photographs or with models, Weaver preferred to draw life, from life, and was dedicated to capturing the changing social and cultural climate of his times.

The Robert Weaver Collection contains his original artwork, tear sheets, and personal papers from the 1950s to the 1980s.

African Americans are featured in much of Weaver's work. The following parts of the Robert Weaver Collection are recommended:

You can find out more about the contents of the collection by checking out the Robert Weaver Collection finding aid on the MGHL website. Additionally, some images from this collection are available on LUNA.

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