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Classics 346C The Age of Alexander - ABRIDGED Guide

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Roman mosaic from Dougga, Tunisia (2nd century AD


Mosaic depicting two female slaves (ancillae) attending their mistress





A range of sourcebooks for different aspects of ancient history are available at the Olin Library covering specific historical periods and topics. These contain translations of primary sources as well as commentary and bibliography that will lead you to further sources. To find more use the advanced catalog search and add the subject word "sources" to your search terms.

Sourcebooks on 4th Century B.C. & Hellenistic History

Sourcebooks on Specific Topics

Primary Sources

Finding Primary Sources

Three places to start are

  1. Sourcebooks Collections of primary sources in translation, usually with commentary and bibliographic material.
  2. Secondary Sources Scholarship on ancient history includes references to the original sources. You can use these references to track down and investigate the primary sources yourself.
  3. Translations of Ancient Authors. The works of most ancient writers are available in English translation.

Books in WU Libraries