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History 2905: Freshman Seminar: Empire at Play: Gaming, Gambling, & Material Culture in Late Imperial China

Finding Images

Finding Images
This guide provides information about digital image collections and other image resources of interest to artists, architects, art historians, and others studying visual culture at Washington University in Saint Louis.


World Digital Library: China
Created by UNESCO and the Library of Congress, the World Digital Library provides free online access to world cultural treasures. Includes manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, and architectural drawings from a variety of countries.

Image collection, documenting artistic traditions across many times and cultures. Embraces architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.


Online Museum Resources on Asian Art
include collections databases, digital image libraries, archived websites of special exhibitions, online presentations of focused collections, and websites for teaching with and about art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

National Palace Museum (Taipei)

The Palace Museum (Forbidden City, Beijing)

Shanghai Museum


Recording the Grandeur of the Qing: Nanxuntu (the Southern Inspection Tour scrolls)  

Suzhou shops  (Exploring Trade and the World Economy: A City Street and Shops in 18th Century China)


Historical Photographs of China (1850-1950)

Visualising China (1850-1950)

Mutant Palm / Historical China Images Collections (1850-  )

MIT Visualizing Cultures (China & Japan)



Chinese Studies Research Guide: Art and Image (Duke Univ.)




Dianshizhai Pictorial--A Chinese-language illustrated magazine published in Shanghai in the late 19th century.
YUL Digital Books (Yale University)

Chinese export paintings in 18-19th century.
FOTOE 图片库 - 专题 - 清代外销画

Chinese three hundred sixty trades and professions--Chinese export paintings in 18-19th century.
FOTOE 图片库 - 专题 - 间市井三百六十行

Picture Book of 100 Child Reunion, by Jiao Bingzhen (1689-1726)--Natioanl Library of China's collection.
百子团圆图 (中国国家图书馆)(National China Library)

A Pictorial Record of Old Peking Folklore = 北京民间风俗--National Library of China's collection, made in 19th century.
北京民间风俗百图 (downloadable ebook)



East Asian   DS709 .W36 2009 4o Wan Qing sui ying :;晚清碎影 :

East Asian   DS755 .T8 2001 Tu shuo Zhongguo bai nian she hui sheng huo bian qian, 1840-1949 /;图说中国百年社会生活变迁, 1840-1949 /

East Asian   DS761 .A14 2008 4o 1860-1930 : 英国藏中国历史照片 = Western eyes : historical photographs of China in British collections, 1860-1930 (in English and Chinese)

East Asian   DS795.3 .H76 1998 Lao Beijing :;老北京 = Old Beijing :

East Asian   DS796 S257 S44 1992 Shanghai bai nian lue ying : 1840s-1940s =;上海百年掠影: 1840s-1940s= Survey of Shanghai from 1840s-1940s

Olin               DS709 F32 The Face of China :

Olin               DS709 I47 Imperial China :

Olin               DS709 .N56 Behind the great wall of China :

Olin               DS709 R49 1990 James Ricalton's photographs of China during the Boxer Rebellion :

Olin               PN5367.P4 Y4 2003 The Dianshizhai pictorial : Shanghai urban life, 1884-1898

Olin               TR102.B45 P43 2005 Photographs of Peking, China 1861-1908

East Asian   DS709 B7312 2006 Chine et les chinois. (in Chinese). 奥古斯特.博尔热的广州散记

East Asian   DS709 W712 2011 China : in a series of views, displaying the scenery, architecture, and social habits, of that ancient empire. (in Chinese) = 清帝国图记

West Campus    81-E-4   China : in a series of views, displaying the scenery, architecture, and social habits, of that ancient empire

West Campus    DS709 W7 1849 Middle kingdom : a survey of the geography, government, education, social life, arts, religion

East Asian   DS709 T4712 2012 Illustrations of China and its people. (in Chinese) 中国与中国人影像

East Asian   DS754.14 W34 2006 Wan Qing min feng bai su 晚清民风百俗 (Dianshizhai pictorial selections)