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What Happens to Your Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)

Information about Access When You Submit an ETD at Washington University in St. Louis

Benefits for Graduate Students

Impact & Visibility: If someone searches for you online, what would you like your top search result to be? How about information about your graduate degree and research?

Statistics: You can receive monthly download counts (if an email address is included)

Stability & Authority: A persistent URL maintained by Washington University that you can link to from social media, email, your CV, etc. The Libraries are also assigning DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) so that if the platform or website changes, the link will still be active.

Authorial Control: You decide how much can be read and when. You can include additional files, such as data, images, or other supplemental files not part of the full-text of the dissertation or thesis.

Connections: People interested in your research, such as other researchers or publishers, can find out about your work and contact you.