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You're in Good Company: 3rd Annual Mini-Conference for Graduate Students in the Humanities, Aug. 23, 2016

Being held Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at the Kopolow Business Library in Simon Hall. Prior registration required.

Online Notebooks

What is an online notebook?

An online workspace which can both act as a word processor as well as a place to store articles and other material.  There are a bevy of products out there and it appears that Evernote and OneNote are the leading contenders.

Why use an online notebook?

  • Can sync your notes across multiple devices.
  • Can search your notes.
  • Can ‘clip’ a website to save to an online notebook

Is it safe?  Secure from hacking?

Technically, nothing is ever foolproof but both Evernote and OneNote provide security measures and backup support. 

With Evernote, you can  turn on Two-Step Verification feature in Account Settings. When enabled, it will require a phone capable of receiving texts and you will type in your automated text to get into your Evernote account.  The paid Evernote plus account also has a passcode lock to mobile devices. 

Use of OneNote through WUSTL's hosted Office 365 service provides for a secure environment and the hosted service should be considered an extension of internally provided services.  See WUSTL Technology Use Guidelines for more information.

Can I access my notes offline?

Only with a paid subscription to Evernote Plus and Premium, can you access your notes offline in Evernote. 

The desktop/laptop version of OneNote allows working offline by setting sync status to manual.