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You're in Good Company: 3rd Annual Mini-Conference for Graduate Students in the Humanities, Aug. 23, 2016

Being held Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at the Kopolow Business Library in Simon Hall. Prior registration required.

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Zotero is in constant development. Follow the latest through the 4.0 changelog.

Zotero - Advanced Features

    Beyond the Basics


So, you've been using Zotero.  You've installed it, imported citations with it, and generated bibliographies from it.  But what about using some of Zotero's other helpful functions?

This session will explore some of Zotero's more advanced features and settings such as creating customized reports, incorporating in-text citations, indexing PDFs, adjusting your preferences, and more.

Please be sure you know your Zotero account login and password when you come to the session!

If you are interested in learning Zotero basics, take a look at the guide on our website or visit the Zotero website.

Links to citation tool pages on Library webpage

Get it @ WUSTL via Zotero

Find online or physical copies of items in your Zotero library through WUSTL Get It! by using Library Lookup. 

To Configure: Select, Gear icon > Preferences >Advanced > enter this URL in the OpenURL box:

To search within Get It! (WUSTL access): Select  item and click on Library Lookup in the locate menu dropdown:

Zotero Groups - Shared libraries

Through Zotero Groups, you can share and collaborate references with other Zotero users. 

1. To create a group, you must have a Zotero account. In your Zotero library, select the New Group icon: 

2. Next, decide who can see and control the group:

3. To invite collaborators:




Zotero Apps

  • Only available for Mac ipad, iphone, and laptops
  • Can organize articles from your Zotero library on PaperShip using folders.  
  • Can annotate your PDFs from your Zotero library.
  • Can share articles with your annotations via email, faceboook or other social media platforms.