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L10 Latin 521: Terence and the Making of Roman Literature

This graduate seminar focuses on the comic plays of Terence (160s BCE), their original context, their afterlife, and the enigma that is their author's life story.

Handbooks of Latin literature and interpretive studies of Republican literature

The following is a select list of items in English; most of these items do not appear on our course syllabus. To looking for additional sources, use bibliographies of course readings, the library catalog, L’Annee Philologique, and the irreplaceable physical browsing through the stacks.

Some books on the history and form of Roman comedy

Some interpretive studies of Terence and Roman comedy

Some handbooks on the politics and culture of the Roman Republic

The WU libraries own a wide selection of Companions, Handbooks, & Histories in print and ebook formats on the Roman world. Here is a link to them from another course research guideCompanions and Handbooks are groups of essays by different authors on a topic in a single volume. Though each essay/chapter within a work can be quite specific, the work in its entirety gives an overview.