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CLASSICS (L08) 462: Ancient Greek and Roman Music

Paper Topics


  •      The relation between views on gender and status in society on which instruments are played by which groups.
  •       Roman Pantomime and Modern Opera
  •      Gender and the use of instruments in ancient Greece and Rome
  •      Ancient string instruments and the development of modern string instruments
  •       Words and music in a song of Mesomedes (a Roman composer)
  •      The social status of Roman citharodes (professional lyre players and singers)
  •      Ancient Greek and Roman panpipes and Andean panpipes

Search Tips

Use and: women and musicians

Use or: (ancient greece) or (ancient rome) (words or lyrics) (aulos or tibia)

Use quote marks  to keep terms together: "Andes panpipes

Use the asterisk * to capture variant suffixes: music*

Search on specific instruments: aulos, barbiton, chelys, cithara or kithara, rotalum, harp, lyre, syrinx, tamborine, water organ  - be mindful of variant spellings

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