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Identity Literacy: An Introduction to Cultural Competence in a Diverse World

Getting Started with Identity Literacy

Picture of dictionary definition of identity

Issues of identity are brought up with increasing frequency in today's world. Differences in culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic class, ability, and more can become points of contention within society, including how we define ourselves in relation to these and other identities we hold. Understanding and appreciating identities open up the world and allow us to become culturally competent, inclusive citizens. 

This course guide supports the Identity Literacy Course, and will help you explore identities through research and represented in research in order to examine how identities play a role in citizenship, in professional, and in personal arenas. It will challenge you to critically examine identities and how you relate to others, especially when you are researching and writing.           

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Getting Help with Research

Most of us are experienced searchers when finding information for our personal lives. When it comes to academic research, the resources we need and techniques we used may be different than what we are used to. Consider contacting a librarian for help during the semester. We can work with you 1:1 to help you find, access, evaluate, and incorporate information into your assignment.