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Information for New Depository Coordinators

This Guide is designed to answer any questions that a new depository coordinator may have. This guide is facilitated by the GPO.

Additional Information

For Regional Depository Library Personnel

  • Notify GPO of Regional Depository Coordinator changes.
  • Sign up for Regional-L. 
  • Identify depository publication discard processes within your state or region.
  • Locate your State Plan or State Focused Action Plan (if created).
  • Locate the administrative files at your library about the selectives under your purview.
  • Determine if there is a communication channel for depositories within the state or region.
  • Notify the selectives of a change in depository personnel within the state or region.
  • Identify local training or groups involving depositories within the state or region.
  • Identify any specific housing arrangements or special agreements for housing the regional depository collection.