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Summer Programs Research Guide

Students enrolled in Summer Programs at Washington University can use this Research Guide for their research projects.

Before Class

Watch the videos found on the home page of this guide. Become familiar with the difference between primary and secondary sources, as well as how these sources end up in the library. 

In-Class Activity

During class ask questions about finding sources in the library. Use the worksheet below to think through your topic and start the research process. 

After Class

Contact a librarian for more help! 

Subject Area Librarian Contact
Biology, Math, General Science, History of Science, Medicine, & Technology Ruth Lewis
Chemistry and Engineering Librarian Rob McFarland
Engineering Librarian Lauren Todd
Public Health Susan Fowler
Psychology, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Melissa Vetter

Or see this list for Subject Librarians by Subject:

Contact us by going to this website: