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Art + Design Capstone Project | Cultural Biography of an Object

Citing Sources

For the final Cultural Biography, please submit 6-7 pages of narrative along followed by a Bibliography.  Be sure your images have captions and that they are included in your Bibliography.

Here are some relevant resources for both citation and images:

  • How to cite sources in the narrative (footnotes or endnotes) and Bibliography using the Chicago style: see the Chicago Manual of Style Online  and other sources here.
  • How to cite images: see sources here.

Reminder about source guidelines: your CB should make use at least 2 scholarly (peer-reviewed journal articles or books) and 4 popular sources (for example, an article you find on a collecting or a museum website).  (More is fine, and if you need to request an exception to the above guideline, please just let me know.)

Zotero - make your life easier

Zotero is a free citation manager that helps you easily capture, organize and cite your research. Always check citations for accuracy.