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SOC 3510: Sick Society: Social Determinants of Health & Health Disparities in the United States

Sociology 3510 Course Guide

Finding Articles

If full text of the article is available through the databases, a link to a PDF (or other electronic formats) appears on your search results. --Obtaining an article. Depending upon the database, full-text may not be immediately available. Always first look for a link to the full-text of an article (typically you will see a pdf or html link).  If this is not available, look for the   button. Additional details on using the Get it! button.

If you do not find full-text articles through the databases listed here, follow the steps below to look for print copies or alternative electronic editions. WashU Libraries' collections may include a print or stand-alone electronic copy of the journal. 

  1. Gather as much information about the article (journal/magazine title, year of publication, volume, number, article title, pages, etc) from the index/databases.
  2. Look up the journal/magazine title using the Classic Catalog.
  3. If you find the journal at Wash U Libraries, follow the location(s) and call number to locate the physical copy (if print), or use the link provided on the Classic Catalog (if available electronically). If the journal is not held at Wash U, you can still request journal/magazine articles through Interlibrary Loan. (Sometimes Google Scholar provides free access to full-text articles as well).

Specific Journals