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SOC 3510: Sick Society: Social Determinants of Health & Health Disparities in the United States

Sociology 3510 Course Guide

How do I find a book?

Explore & discover: You can explore the libraries' collections with the Classic Catalog, using Subject Headings. (See here for the result of searching the Classic Catalog with "Emigration and Immigration United States" as a subject heading.)


Particular title: If you know what book you are looking for, follow the steps below to find the book.

1. Washington University library Classic Catalog
Start here. Olin Library holds many books in sociology-related topics, such as race and ethnicity, social class, gender and sexuality, and education. (Some are available as e-books).

2. MOBIUS catalog
If the title you are looking for is not in our collection, try MOBIUS. With MOBIUS you can search and request books and other materials held at other university and public libraries in Missouri. Books usually come in 3-7 days.

3. WorldCat
If no other Missouri libraries have the title, you may have a better luck with WorldCat. If other WorldCat-affiliated libraries have the item, you can request an interlibrary loan (ILL) through ILLiad. Books and other physical materials usually arrive in 1-2 weeks. (Follow the Send Request to ILLiad link on the result screen).