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Company Research

This guide lists database and internet resources for company research.

Scope of Research

The library provides access to a wide variety of data sources. However, the amount of information available will vary by type of company:

  • Determine the type of company is public or private.
  • Location – U.S. or international?
  • Required information – Confidential?
    • Clients, suppliers, competitors and operating costs are a few examples of information that companies consider proprietary information and rarely disclose.

Business research on companies may involve:

  • Obtaining contact information and description of a company. 
  • Researching company news, company leadership, competitors, and history.
  • Researching the company's products, markets or business lines. 
  • Looking at a company's strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats (SWOT analysis). 
  • Retrieving financial data to decide whether to invest in or do business with a company.
  • Preparing for a job interview.

Once you find the company information you need, you may want to put the information into a larger perspective by obtaining information on the industry in which your company is involved.