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Classics 240 Not Members of this Club

A guide to library resources for Classics 240 Not Members of this Club : Women and Slaves in the Greco-Roman World

Course Description

"This course examines the lives of two disparate but comparable groups of 'outsiders' – women and slaves – within both ancient Greece and Rome. In these two societies, political power was the exclusive property of free, citizen males, and almost all of the astounding accomplishments of those societies were the creation of those men; but women and slaves played a critical role in shaping these societies too. We will explore the status, living conditions, rights, and achievements of both women and slaves in ancient Greece and Rome, and set them within the larger historical context in which they lived. We will investigate both the general social patterns as well the diversity of experiences that characterized life for many women and slaves in the ancient world."

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Classics 240 Course Guide

Welcome to the Course Guide for Professor Bubelis' course Classics 240 Not Members of this Club : Woman and Slaves in the Greco-Roman World.

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