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CRM 250 & 251: Fundamentals of Clinical Research Management I & II


Short course description: Fundamentals of Clinical Research Management I, is an introductory course which provides the basic foundation for clinical research. The historical evolution of research is explored, linking it to the current regulations and guidelines for good clinical practice. Course material includes research roles and responsibilities, institutional review boards, phases of drug development, the informed consent process, human subject protections and an overview of study conduct.

Learning to search the research literature is a vital skill for students who plan to work with clinical research management. It is an important part of planning any research and ensuring human subjects are protected. This was unfortunately brought home to all by the death of Ellen Roche at Johns Hopkins University, due to hexamethonium-associated lung toxicity. A thorough literature search in that case might have changed the research and prevented that death! More info.

For your projects dealing with events in the history of informed consent, conflict of interest, etc., librarians and literature from the library may help you find both what was being said at the time of the original research and what ethicists and others have said about that case and similar cases since.

You do need to spend time thinking about your subject, about synonyms and related keywords, etc. and of course searching, learning from your search, more searching and reading and understanding publications that you discover. We hope to make this process more efficient for you and help you navigate any road blocks you find. 

Password help & off-campus access

While some of the resources in this guide are freely available, most research databases and e-journals have access restrictions that require that you be on WU campus or require your WUSTL Key/Password. More about off-campus access.

(As students in a University College class, Danforth campus resources, Interlibrary Loan and off-campus access are available to you. This page is set up assuming that is the access you will use if you are working off-campus. Many of you are School of Medicine employees and may prefer to use your Becker Library Accounts. More information about Becker Library Accounts)

To use a Danforth campus library link with a Beckerproxy account while you are working off-campus, you may need to edit the WU proxy prepend [] off the start of a link URL. For example: change to AND VICE VERSA.