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Engaging Research

Finding Background Information

Electronic searching

Electronic Searching Tips

  • And, or, not
  • Quotation marks for phrase searching
  • Truncation
  • Keywords vs. subject terms
  • Finding and using subject terms
  • Use bibliographies to get ideas
  • Limiters—explore the screen
  • Sorting records
  • Exporting or emailing citations

Upcoming classes

Come to one of the Libraries' workshops and learn how to use Zotero or Mendeley.  Zotero and Mendeley are open source citation-management programs.  These softwares provide simple tools for you to collect and keep track of citations as you conduct research.  You may import citations directly from many electronic databases and catalogs.  You may also enter citations manually. 

Zotero and Mendeley also have a "create bibliography" feature.  You can generate bibliographies in the citation style of your choice!  Note:  Always check over any machine-generated bibliography for accuracy!  The "Managing Your Citations" tab on this guide will take you to more information about Zotero.

Click the link to view upcoming classes and to register.