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How to make your scholarly work open access



This is the outline and supplementary material for a session which will be offered some semesters. Register and get dates, times, locations at Library Workshops.

If you would like similar sessions customized for your department or group, please contact Ruth Lewis, or your subject librarian.



reach audience

increase impact | open access get more views and are cited more [Nature Communications data]

required by funder

WU open access resolution

make work available to researchers and students at under-resourced institutions and in the developing world

join the wave; the rise of open access

enhances academic freedom

arguments in support of open access (Wikipedia)

Why not?

distrust of digital

fear for survival of traditional journals, publishers

fear for survivial of scholarly societies

hassle; complicated; habit

article processing/publishing fees

expect profit from publishing

insufficient weight toward academic reputation, tenure, funding

avoid scams

arguments against open access (Wikipedia)