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Chinese Studies: Language Learning

A resource guide for students learning Chinese as a second or foreign language

Standardized tests

HSK: Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语水平考试

This is the official standard test used in Mainland China for Chinese proficiency level. Taking this exam is essential to applying to overseas programs in China that are conducted in Mandarin. In 2021, the format of the HSK has was revised include many more words, and to include nine levels instead of six, so many online test preparation materials still go by the format of the old exams.

TOCFL: Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language

This is the standard test used for university and job entry in Taiwan.

  • Official website: includes testing guidelines, explanation of levels, and some preparation materials
  • TOCFL Website from TECO, Taiwanese Economic and Cultural Office in the US: Includes word lists and testing guidelines in English.