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Learning about Copyright

Are you the department expert for copyright questions? Do you just want to feel more comfortable handling or referring questions about copyright?

Copyright and Fair Use 101 (2013)

ACRL Scholarly Communications Toolkit


Recommended free online classes

These two Coursera classes were produced by 3 librarians who are also lawyers: Kevin Smith, Lisa Macklin and Anne Gilliland.  You will need to establish a Coursera account and register. They are available to you for no charge unless you want certification of completion.  You can get an email confirmation that you completed the class without paying, in case you need this to share with your supervisor to justify time spent on the class.

These are entirely self-paced and consist of several short 3-10 minute videos, links to resources, and quizzes

Students can move around in the courses covering the modules they want to learn about or can do modules sequentially. A speed approach is to try the Quiz for a module first and if you score well, skip the videos for that module and move on. If you can't pass the Quiz but are interested in the subject, go back and review the materials and then try the Quiz again.

If a group at Washington University is learning together, contact us.  We may be able to set up a series of office hours to discuss questions and specific issues.