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Embedding LibGuides into Canvas

Types of Content to Directly Embed

Full LibGuide: Display a full guide within your course site.
Single Page: Display a single page from a guide. Only the page is displayed; no guide navigation.
Content Box: Display a single content box from a guide. Only the box is displayed; no other page or guide content/navigation.
All A-Z Databases: Your full az.php page from your LibGuides site.
Databases for a Specific Subject + Subject Experts: Your az.php page limited to a particular subject, including the subject experts and related guides areas.
Databases for a Specific Subject Only: The list of databases associated with a particular subject, including Best Bets.
Specific Database: Single listing for the database you select.
New/Trial Databases: The New/Trial box that appears on your az.php page. Course Page: Display an E-Reserves Course Page within your course site.

In addition, you can embed content from any LibGuides box into Canvas in the following sections:

  • Assignments

  • Modules

  • Announcements

Below are some examples that you can use to embed the Library's Workshop calendar, a LibWizard module (includes quizzes, polls, tutorials, etc.), WHAT ELSE?

LibWizard embedded assignment