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A Guide to Mathematics Resources

Collected publications by WU math, lecturers, students - 2016

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  7. Bickel K, Wick BD. 2016. A study of the matrix Carleson Embedding Theorem with applications to sparse operators. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 435(1):229-243. | MR3423392 [WU does not subscribe although we do seem to have online access]
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  20. Figueroa-López JE, Gong R, Houdré C. 2016. High-order short-time expansions for atm option prices of exponential Lévy models. Mathematical Finance 26(3):516–557. [WU does not have access]
  21. Figueroa-Lopez JE, Olafsson O. 2016. Short-term asymptotics for the implied volatility skew under a stochastic volatility model with Levy jumps. Finance and Stochastics 20(4):973–1020. | MR3551858.
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  33. Jensen GR, Musso E, Nicolodi L. 2016. Surfaces in Classical Geometries: A Treatment by Moving Frames. Springer. Fulltext at WU | MR3468639.
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