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Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science


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Tips for searching properties data in Knovel

  • Use either the database search or properties search option.
  • Search the material than the number. For example, aluminum 6061 NOT 6061 aluminum.
  • In the Materials Properties Search, filter by the exact property. Drag and drop it into the search area, and change the parameters.
  • Once you locate the information you need, look at the FROM field. That is your source.  You can click on it for more information and to generate a citation.



Search for Journals and eJournals:

Engineering standards are documentation of engineering practices.  These include rules, techniques, and conditions for engineering design, industrial practices, units of measurement, terminology, etc. Committees, affiliated with societies or organizations, and made up of specialists from universities and industry write standards. All design engineers rely on standards for guidance and to give authority to their work.

Standards can be mandatory or voluntary. Think of standards as rules for uniformity, size, quality, performance, shape, definition and testing methodology of manufactured products.

Washington University Libraries does not actively maintain a standards collection. If you need a standard, contact Lauren Todd for possible purchase.