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Research in the Contemporary Academic Library: Prison Education Project Research Partnership

October 8

October 1

Research as Inquiry; Authority is Constructed and Contextual; Searching as Strategic Exploration.

SOURCES: Two subject-specific databases for locating your political science "lens" sources are below.  Look for the standard terms, i.e., the "controlled vocabulary" used to describe and organize articles within each database.

September 24

Searching as Strategic Exploration

  • Tapping into a the organizational structure of a source
  • Natural Language vs Controlled Vocabulary
  • The Catalog as a source for exploration of ideas; the catalog as thesaurus


SOURCE: The Classic Catalog (and the Library of Congress Subject Headings)

September 17

Research as Inquiry; Searching as Strategic Exploration; Scholarship as Conversation

  • The ongoing "reference interview"
  • Finding relevant information--there's no "one size fits all" information source

SOURCE: For background on current events and topical issues, try CQ Researcher:

September 10

Research as Inquiry; Scholarship as Conversation:

  • Initial research queries from prison students
  • Getting to the real questions; conducting a "reference interview"
  • Composing a research narrative

SOURCES: Humanities, history, social sciences -- some reliable sources for context and background

August 27

Information Has Value:

  • Who has access to information?
  • Pay walls
  • Journal pricing
  • Publishing structures