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Poetry of Place

Francine Harris, Spring 2016

Poetry of Place

Finding Imaginary Worlds

"Imaginary places" is actually an official term library catalogs use to describe books in which the Imaginary Place is central.  Click the link below to browse related subjects.

You can even look up the name of some specific author-created imaginary places:

Some other places are easier to find in a keyword search:

Believe it or not, books are also classified with these terms:

Myth and folklore might also give you some ideas:

Chronologies may be another source to stimulate your thinking:



Cataloged Materials

To find books and other materials on past authors who have created imagined worlds or explored actual places in their poetry and fiction, try these keyword searches in the Classic Catalog:

Actual Places or based upon them

  • Butler Erewhon
  • Coleridge “Kubla Khan”
  • Faulkner Yoknapatawpha
  • Joyce Ulysses
  • Masters "Spoon River Anthology"
  • Olson Maximus
  • Pound Cantos
  • "William Carlos WilliamsPaterson

Imaginary Places

  • Bunyan “Pilgrim’s Progress”
  • Calvino “Invisible Cities” 
  • Dante “Divine Comedy”
  • Milton “Paradise Lost”
  • More Utopia