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FILM 458/GER 328 Reverse Angles: The Films of Antonioni, Godard, and Wenders (Koepnick

Course guide to support FILM 458/GER 328 taught Fall 2008 by Lutz Koepnick.

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The films of Italian director Antonioni (The Adventure, The Eclipse, Blow UP, The Passenger), of Swiss filmmaker Godard (Breathless, Alphaville, Pierrot Le Fou, Weekend) and of German-born Wenders (Alice in the Cities, The American Friend, Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire) have had a major influence on international art and avant-garde filmmaking since the 1960s. While their work clearly differs in style, narrative preference, and political orientation, they all share a highly self-reflexive interest in probing the relationship of cinematic images, sounds, and stories. Moreover, in spite of their different cultural backgrounds and institutional working bases, all three had a profound influence on each other, resulting in collaborations such as Beyond the Clouds (1996) and Berlin Cinema (1997). This seminar explores and compares the work of Antonioni, Godard, and Wenders. It will closely examine their most important films, situate their work in historical and film historical contexts, and theorize their concern with the aesthetics of cinematic representations, the politics of storytelling, and the vicissitudes of human existence.