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What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is a writing software application aimed at writers of all kinds—novelists, journalists, academics, screenwriters, playwrights—who need to structure a long piece of text while referring to research documents. Scrivener is a ring-binder, a scrapbook, a corkboard, an outliner and text editor all rolled into one.

Cost: $45 (regular); $38.25 (educational discount)  from Literature and Latte (price as of 11/07/18). However, there are discounted rates students, educators, and scholars. Scrivener also available for purchase elsewhere (e.g. Mac App Store).

Trial: 30 day trial of actual use. This means if you only use it two hours a week,  you can have the trial for 15 weeks. 

Both Mac and Window versions are available.

NOTE: Scrivener 3.0 is now available for macOS and is coming for Windows. If you have an older version of Scrivener, you can update to Scrivener 3.0 for $25.  (11/07/18)

Resources and Support for Scrivener

Doc & PDF for Class

Scrivener and Zotero

Unfortunately, Scrivener and Zotero don't work that well together. Here are some videos with suggestions as workarounds: 

How to Use Zotero with Scrivener (video (Catherine Pope, Sept., 2015)

How to use Zotero with Scrivener (video, David Gee, May, 2018) - comments suggest works but technical

Zotero Forum discussion about Scrivener