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Rockstar Inc. and Violence in Video Games

What is Rockstar and its history? What is the issue with violence in video games?


Hello! In this guide you will learn about the gaming company Rockstar, its history, and the nature of violent video games. I explore the question, "Are video games as violent as reported?"

I wanted to create this guide because I am a Film and Media Studies major with a specific interest in video games. A difficulty studying video games is that it is a research topic that is receiving attention but not as much research attention as other forms of media such as movies and television. Therefore, it can be more difficult to find scholarly, credible resources for research. This guide  provides sources that will be of interest to those interested in Rockstar Inc. and more generally to the topic of violence in video games. 

What is Rockstar?

Rockstar is a gaming developing company that has been making games that have mostly been controversial in its time. 

Most of the games that Rockstar has created over the years has been rated by the ERSB as M for Mature. A game having a mature rating means that it is not recommended to be played by audiences younger than 17 and can not be purchased by anyone younger than the age of 17 without a guardian present to authorize purchase of the game.

The goal of the company is explained by cofounder Sam Houser: "Above all, I wanted to start a label for the games industry like labels you saw in the record industry. At that time, games were positioned as either toys or bits of technology. But I was interested in a hip, more about lifestyle, not toys or technology. A valid form of entertainment. Take-Two said off you go."