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WashU History FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the history of Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA). Pages maintained by University Archives.

Chairmen of the Board of Trustees, 1854-present Washington University in St. Louis

William Greenleaf Eliot, 1854-1887

George E. Leighton, 1887-1895

Robert S. Brookings, 1895-1928

William K. Bixby, 1928-1930

Charles Nagel, 1930-1932

Malvern Bryan Clopton, 1932-1942

Harry Brookings Wallace, 1942-1951

Ethan A.H. Shepley, 1951-1954

James M. Douglas, 1954-1961

Ethan A.H. Shepley, 1961-1963

James S. McDonnell, 1963-1966

Charles Allen Thomas, 1966-1977

Maurice R. Chambers, 1977-1979

George H. Capps, 1979-1982

W.L. Hadley Griffin, 1982-1988

Lee M. Liberman, 1988-1995

William H. Danforth, 1995-1999

John F. McDonnell, 1999-2004

David W. Kemper, 2004-2009

Stephen F. Brauer, 2009-2014

Craig D. Schnuck, 2014-2019

Andrew E. Newman, 2019-