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"Ungezapfte" Web Resources in German Studies / by Brian Vetruba

Presentation for the "How to Stand Out! Insider Research Tips from German Studies Librarians" session at the German Studies Association conference, October 4, 2013

Digi20 -- What is it? What's in it?

Supported by the DFG and the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Digi20 is an open access digital collection of 4,704 scholarly monographs in Humanities and Social Sciences published primarily in late 20th century. Includes titles from publishers Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Wilhelm Fink, Ferdinand Schöningh and Otto Sagner.

Most titles are in copyright but they can still be viewed online and downloaded for FREE as pdfs. 31 main subject areas (Germanistik, Geschichte, Philosophie) are included but are divided into subcategories, such as Geschichte des Mittelalters, and Deutsche Literatur

Notable features:

  • English and German interface
  • Word clouds of terms in a volume
  • Can search within each volume
  • Limit searches further by publisher, subjects, years, or names or location in text

Digi20 -- Tips for Access, Searching & Browsing


  • May be able to search for Digi20 tiles directly in library catalog. Ask your librarian.
  • Need to verify you're using this for research purposes (check "Ja") and enter captiva Schlüssel number


  • Umlauts required. Don't use ae, oe, ue as alternatives (goetz ≠ götz)
  • "ss" = "ß" (erlass = erlaß)
  • Automatic "and" (goethe geld = goethe AND geld)
  • Can use OR (christentum OR christenthum)
  • Can use " " for phrase searching
  • More searching tips


  • Can browse by subject area, author/editor