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"Ungezapfte" Web Resources in German Studies / by Brian Vetruba

Presentation for the "How to Stand Out! Insider Research Tips from German Studies Librarians" session at the German Studies Association conference, October 4, 2013

DigiZeitschriften -- What is it? And what's in it?

Similar to JSTOR, DigiZeitschriften is a digitized collection of backfiles of 200 German-language scholarly journals in the Humanties, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences with approximately 500,000 articles and 6 millions pages available full text.

21 subject areas are covered including Arts (1,846 vols.), German language and literature (519 vols.), History (898 vols.), Mathematics (2,494 vols.), Philology (1,310 vols.), & Religion (1,548 vols). Some notable titles include: Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, Zeitschrift für deutsches Alterthum

Two Tiers of Access: Subscribers and Open Access.  Open Access journals

Notable features:

  • PDF downloads of articles
  • Complete table of contents
  • Availability of complete runs of many journals

DigiZeitschriften -- Tips for Access, Searching & Browsing


  • May be able to search for Digitzeitschriften titles in your library catalog. Check with your librarian.
  • Download PDFs of articles from Table of Contents page
  • Can use Digitzeitschriften as an index even if your institution doesn't subscribe


  • Umlauts required. Don't use ae, oe, ue as alternatives (goetz ≠ götz)
  • "ss" does not work for "ß" (erlass erlaß)
  • Automatic "and" (goethe geld = goethe AND geld)
  • Can use OR (christentum OR christenthum)
  • Can use " " for phrase searching ("krieg und frieden")
  • More searching tips


  • Can easily browse by subject area
  • RSS feeds available for each subject