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"Ungezapfte" Web Resources in German Studies / by Brian Vetruba

Presentation for the "How to Stand Out! Insider Research Tips from German Studies Librarians" session at the German Studies Association conference, October 4, 2013

Europeana -- What is it? What's in it?




Europeana is portal to +20 million digital items from +1,500 European archives, libraries, museums from 32 countries. In mutliple languages, the portal includes links to texts (books, newspapers, etc.), images (works of arts, maps, etc.), video (film, TV broadcasts, etc.), and sound (music, radio broadcasts).

Both public domain and materials still in copyright are included. For those in copyright, you may not have complete access to the items. Links in Europeana go out to the institution hosting the digital item.

Notable features:

  • Virtual exhibits (Special exhibit/project on 1989 in Europe)
  • Multiple interface languages available
  • Apps available for iPad, iPhone
  • Presence on Facebook; Twitter @europeanaeu

Europeana -- Tips for Searching


  • Auto completion in search boxes
  • Can limit by specific fields in drop-down: TITLES, CREATORS, SUBJECTS, DATES/PERIODS, PLACES
  • Can use AND, NOT to combine terms
  • Can limit searches by items in public domain
  • More searching tips