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"Ungezapfte" Web Resources in German Studies / by Brian Vetruba

Presentation for the "How to Stand Out! Insider Research Tips from German Studies Librarians" session at the German Studies Association conference, October 4, 2013

BDSL Online

BDSL Online is a bibliographical database for German language and literature.  Also known as "Eppelsheimer-Köttelwesch," the print published by Vittorio Klosetermann. Covers all periods from Medieval through 21st century, BDSL Online includes citations for secondary literature, reference works, bibliographies, dissertations, book reviews, and some primary literature. Scope is international with citations from scholarly journals (both print and electronic), monographic series, and individual monographs.

Two tiers of access:

  • free guest access 1985-2000;
  • paid subscription: 1985 to present

Notable features:

  • Index only; no full text
  • Linking capabilities back to home library to check holdings
  • List of indexed journals and monographs
  • Can save but no direct email function

BDSL -- Tips for Searching & Browsing


  • Umlauts or "ae", "oe", "ue" alternatives needed (Boll ≠ Böll but Boell = Böll)
  • To search for reviews, use "rezension" and author or title of book
  • Use SUCHE (Advanced Search) for more options More searching tips


  • By period, topic, or author