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Russian Studies

Guide to information and resources on Russian language and literature, as well as some other Slavic languages.

Resources and Services

Welcome to the Slavic Languages and Literatures research guide. Although Washington University no longer has an SLL program, language and comparative literature courses continue to be offered. This guide can help you access article databases, electronic resources, and Slavic-language materials in the library.

Russian studies at Wash U resource page

Students interested in Russian language and the cultural, social and political histories of Russia and former Soviet republics can choose courses in several departments and pursue majors or minors consonant with their particular study interests.

Catalog Search Strategies

Like most library databases, Wash U’s online catalog cannot easily support searches using the Cyrillic alphabet (although steps are being taken in that direction). Most Slavic-language titles, therefore, are represented in Roman characters. In order to find information in Cyrillic, users must search in Roman characters using a consistent transliteration system. Most library resources in the United States use the Romanization tables developed by the Library of Congress.